Calling All Volunteers – Long Beach Merchants need you!

Are you willing to help local businesses succeed?

Do you know how local festivals are operated?  All of the people you see managing the events, from budget and marketing to planning and executing, are volunteers.

The driving force behind the Long Beach Merchants Association (LBMA), and our merchant association friends at both ends of the Peninsula, is our strong belief that events bring people to the beach and visitors keep stores open.

For nearly 30 years, local merchants have designed and produced events to do just that, relying heavily on the support of the community.  In fact, Long Beach Peninsula events wouldn’t be possible without the incredible community of volunteers and strong partners supporting the events.

Partnering with the LBMA is the City of Long Beach, who helps fund festivals and utilizes the Long Beach City Crew to do heavy lifting like setting up and breaking down tents, running power and water, hauling trash and the like.   Also partnering is the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau, who promotes the volunteer-produced festivals of LBMA, through press releases, distribution of flyers, and advertising through their print products and on  Merchant partners provide prizes and other in-kind donations needed to make the events a success each year.

But the cornerstones of the festivals are the volunteers who step up to chair events and committees, work booths, organize, set up, break down, keep the budget, order supplies – the list goes on and on.   In fact, the LBMA’s history of success rests in the power of volunteers…and so too does its future.

You can have a hand in helping your community and make a difference by being a part of producing these great events, including the Long Beach Razor Clam Festival, Sandsations, Jake the Alligator Man’s Birthday, Cache Dash Splash, Holidays at the Beach, and more!

LBMA is looking for talent at every level and have lots of different needs, including small and large time commitments.   There are tons of ways you can help!

If you’ve got some time to spare, why not use it to help improve the local economy? Volunteering not only provides a valuable service to your community, but it’s a lot of fun and be a great way to help the local community.  If you’re able to help out, please let us know — you can contact us by email or fill out the contact page here on the website.  LBMA would love you have you lend a hand!